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Payment Deadline: After May 7, 2021
  Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
As number of papers published is limited in JNN, all submitted full papers will be reviewed and published by ICNST 2021 Publication Committee.

Journal Payment Deadline Guideline Korean Foreign
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (JNN) After May 7, 2021 English text until 6 page
table + figure until 6 page
graphical abstract 1 page
Total Pages: until 13 page
KRW 650,000 USD 600
English text 6 or 7 page
table + figure 6 or 7 page
graphical abstract 1 page
Total Pages: Until 14~15 page
KRW 700,000 USD 650
  Review Process (Tentative)


Full Paper Submission 1st Review 1st Review Result 1st Resubmit 2nd Review 2nd Review Result 2nd Resubmit


March 19. 2021 in March A Week A Week A Week A Week A Week
  Journal Policy
The registrant who submitted the paper to Journals should be one of co-authors of the paper.
Authors, want their paper to be published on the Journal, are required to pay the Publication fee.

When submit the paper, it is required to fill the registration number out on the submission system. (ex- Reg. 1001)
  ICNST 2021 Secretariat
For further information on Journal publication, please contact the Secretariat.
- E-mail: icnst@icnst.com / - Tel: +82-70-4169-2855 / - Fax: +82-50-2021-0021

ICNST.2021 Secretariat 101- ho (Seokhyeon - dong, Culture industral support centers) 46, Seokhyeon - ro , Mokpo city, Jeonnam, KOREA TEL +82-70-4169-2855 / FAX +82-50-2021-0021 / E-mail icnst@icnst.com