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   Route 3) Incheon Int'l AirportYongsan StationMokpo StationMokpo National University
3.1) Incheon Int'l AirportYongsan Station

3.1.1) By Airport Limousine Bus

Purchase a limousine bus ticket and inquire where to board the bus at any of the Bus Ticketing Offices located near Exits 4, 9 (inside) and also Exits 4, 6-8, 11, 13 and 9C (outside). Please take a limousine bus at Bus Stop 6A or 12B for standard limousine and 4A or 10B for deluxe limousine.

Route Name Stop Bus Type Bus Info. Station
6A, 12B Limousine (Deluxe)   Gimpo Airport, Yongsan Station, Samgakji Station, Sookmyeong Women's Univ. Station, Seoul Station, Namdaemoon Market, Ibis(Myeong-dong), Uljiro Stn(Seoul Royal Hotel), Uljiro 4-ga Stn(Best Western Gookdo Hotel), Hotel Acacia, Eastgate Tower Hotel, Toyoko-Inn

3.1.2) By Express Airport Train
Please take AREX (Airport Railroad train) at Incehon International Airport Station and get off at Seoul Station and transfer to line 1 for Yongsan Station. The price of train ticket is KRW 4,100 and there is Express Train to Seoul Staion, it will take you 43 minutes and normal train will take you 72 minutes.

● AREX Schedule

3.2) Yongsan StaionMokpo Station
Route Name Train Type Train info. Station
Mokpo Station KTX(Premier, Standard)   Mokpo Station

3.3) Mokpo StationMokpo National University

Once you arrive to Bus Terminal, there are always some taxis waiting for fares such as you. After getting in a taxi, please tell the driver Mokpo National University The taxi will take you about 30 minutes and cost you about KRW 15,000.

Pleaser show this message to taxi driver.
Please click the “Click” button.

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