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Welcome to ICNST 2019!

It is a great pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 16th International Conference on
Nano Science and Nano Technology 2019(ICNST 2019), which will be held from May 17 to 18, 2019 at
Mokpo National University in Mokpo(Muan), Korea.

ICNST is one of the biggest and foremost conferences in Gwangju-Jeonnam held annually from 2003
for 17 years and it has been providing the best International Conference for experts from academia,
industries, and institutes, where they present their latest information and exchange ideas in the
funda-mental and applied aspects of Nano science and Nano technology.

Also, ICNST 2019 will assist you to share your knowledge, experiences, and creative idea in this
Confer-ence through interacting with worldwide experts for the Best Fastival in the field of Nano science
and Nano technology.

Mokpo(Muan), the host city for ICNST 2019, is a truly beautiful and historical port city located in the
southwestern corner of the Korean peninsula that had been preserving its unique cultural traditions since
ancient times.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of ICNST 2019, we would like to express our warmest welcome to
all of you who are participating in ICNST 2019, and hope you will enjoy your stay in Mokpo(Muan), Korea.

We look forward to seeing you in Mokpo National University, Mokpo(Muan), Korea!

Thank you.

ICNST.2019 Secretariat 101- ho (Seokhyeon - dong, Culture industral support centers) 46, Seokhyeon - ro , Mokpo city, Jeonnam, KOREA TEL +82-70-4169-2855 / FAX +82-50-2021-0021 / E-mail icnst@icnst.com